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Winter Heat

In our first episode, we explored how food not only comes from a place, but can become that place itself. When a homeland is no longer in reach, we understand how any new home can become a people's homeland through food.

The events that made this a necessity for thousands of families like Deepa’s are tragic, but it’s incredible how humanity comes through. How the same identities that are to blame for this tragedy — being “Indian” or “Pakistani” — also allow Deepa now to find her home in Pakistani restaurants. Even how, when many found a way to hold anger for the entire group of the “other” in the scenario, Deepa’s grandmother remembered that she wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for the kindness of her Muslim friends protecting her.

It makes me remember a gorgeous ad that took South Asia by storm a few years ago. Pakistanis, Indians and non-South Asians alike get teary eyed from this sweet story of reunion.

If you’d like to experience your own winter heat and create a shared experience with Deepa’s grandma, as well as bring the Sindhi homeland to your own kitchen, try out this Khurak recipe.

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